financial goals

We haven't spent very much time dealing with financial goals on this blog. I am by no means an expert when it comes to financial matters. I have however, been taught by wise parents and try to follow the counsel of the prophets.

Some of the goals that we've discussed have been relatively straightforward, such as saving some money from each paycheck. However, others such as avoiding/eliminating debt may take some time, change, and discipline. Take time to get your finances in order. It might not happen in a month or a year, but decide now how you will accomplish these things and get moving. :o)

Here is a summary of our financial goals:

*Pay tithes and offerings.
*Save some money from every paycheck.
*Avoid debt.
*Use a budget.
*Teach family members.

Success in these goals will ultimately result in a financial reserve and no debt, which will bring an amazing amount of peace into your lives.

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