Storm Preparation

Forgive me for such a long absence.  I have teenagers and life has gotten busy. 

Photo Source: NOAA

In wake of the "superstorm" approaching the eastern United States, I though I would repost some relevant past preparedness information.

Hurricane Preparedness
5 areas to address as you prepare for an approaching hurricane.

Winter Preparedness for your Car
If there is any chance that you'll have to evacuate or travel during the storm, make sure your vehicles are already packed with supplies. 

Winter Warmth
When the temperatures plummet and the power is out, here are 11 hints for staying warm.

Also see:  CNN's Hurricane Preparation Checklist - What to do before a big storm.

It looks like sustained flooding, flash floods, and winter weather (for the north) are the biggest issues.  Above all, make sure you weather (pun intended!) out this storm in a safe place.  Don't wait until Monday night to stock up.  Check in on your elderly neighbors.  Stay off the roads and stay safe!