After one minute of intense 7.0 shaking, extensive damage is done.  As you look around at the cracked windows, broken furniture, and utter mess, you are grateful to be alive.  But now the real test begins.  The power will likely be out for weeks.  Water lines are compromised and you won't have water up to a month.  Major shipping corridors and roads are blocked by falling overpasses.  No food, no electricity, no phone service and no water.  Where is your family?  Do you have what you need? 

If not, get prepared!


Activities for the Great Utah ShakeOut

The Great Utah ShakeOut happens exactly one week from today!  Have you made any plans yet?  Here are some ways that you can help your classroom, business place, or family participate:

Just Do It!
Make plans to signal an earthquake drill at 10:15 a.m on April 17. 

Give Some Advanced Warning
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have warning when a real earthquake happens!  You can forewarn your colleagues and/or children about an upcoming STOP! COVER! and HOLD ON! drill or you can just create and act out a simulation.  Drills like this can scare young children.  So carefully assess your participants and decide if they need to know beforehand.  You can download and print posters advertising the ShakeOut here: http://www.shakeout.org/utah/resources/index.html

Review Earthquake Procedures
Do a little training at home or with colleagues to educate them about STOP! COVER! and HOLD ON!  Evaluate your living/work spaces and make improvements as needed.  More information, including some games and quizzes, and can be found here: http://www.dropcoverholdon.org/ and here: http://www.shakeout.org/utah/

With Children, "you can ... play the ‘Earthquake Game’ where when anyone says “earthquake!” everyone has to pretend an earthquake is happening and practice their response. Teach your children that they should go under a table and hold on if one is near. If they are in a room without a table, crouch against an interior wall, away from windows. Find an “earthquake-safe” location in every room of the house so they don’t try to run during an earthquake. (http://www.shakeout.org/utah/faq/index.html)

Use Sound Effects
The Great Utah ShakeOut website has an audio earthquake file that you can download and use.  There will also be local radios participating in the drill and playing an audio file with sound effects.  You can find the audio files and participating radio stations at:  http://www.shakeout.org/utah/drill/broadcast/.  We did something similar for a Relief Society preparedness night several years ago.  Just having the audio was powerful and frightening.  Be aware that children might be especially frightened and adjust accordingly.

Don't let it be business-as-usual afterwards.  The real trials of an earthquake usually come after the shaking has stopped.  Discuss with your family and/or peers your current readiness and set specific goals to improve.