Great Utah ShakeOut

The Great Utah ShakeOut happens tomorrow at 10:15!

It would be great if we could all have warning that an earthquake is going to happen.  And for this practice, you do!  Sign up here if you haven't already.

From the site:
The ShakeOut Drill is scheduled for 10:15 AM on April 17, 2012. This means that wherever you are at that moment—at home, at work, at school, anywhere—you should Drop, Cover, and Hold On as if there were a major earthquake occurring at that very moment, and stay in this position for at least 60 seconds. There will not be any freeway closures, power outages, or other simulated effects of the hypothetical earthquake, unless your local government or utility company specifically notifies you about something of this nature. The ShakeOut is not something you need to leave work to participate in—in fact, participating at work is encouraged! Businesses, organizations, schools, and government agencies can register and have their employees practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On or have a more extensive emergency drill.

Go here for so many other resources including videos and instructions: