#10 cans

The last type of recommended long-term storage container is the #10 can. Prepacked #10 cans are readily available through LDS Distribution, at Home Storage Centers, as well as through food-storage retailers (online and in-store). You can also pack items at Home Storage Centers or purchase the supplies and borrow a sealer from your local group of LDS congregations (stake) and pack your own products.

Only dry food (10% moisture or less) should be packed into these cans. An oxygen absorber should also be used when filling #10 cans. The sealer you use should have a motor-powered chuck (see link below for more information).

These cans are pretty sturdy, but can rust in humid climates. Avoid storing them directly on the floor or against a wall to reduce the potential for rust. It's hard to stack more than one or two of these cans. So, I usually leave them in boxes of 6 (home storage centers and retailers typically have these on hand) and just stack the boxes. My shelves are set up to accommodate two stacked boxes per shelf height.

Most of the lids that accompany these cans are white, but occasionally I'll get a colored lid. I love the colored lids. I protect them and resuse them over and over because they make it easier to differentiate between can contents in my pantry.

Here is more information about storing #10 cans:
Provident Living PDF File

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