LDS Home Storage Centers

I loved this post on LDS Home Storage Centers by Self-Reliant Sisters this past week. They've included photos of the labels that are included with the products available at these Home Storage Centers. This is a great resource for both planning and inventory. You can see product weights and estimated storage lives in a glance. These labels also include preparation information for many of the products - which is great if you happen to lose a label.

Another fantastic information resource for inventory or planning is the Home Storage Center Order Form. These forms included updated prices, weights and estimated storage lives. They also have a form in Spanish.
Home Storage Centers are located all over the United States and Canada as well as in a few other locations around the world. You can find a Home Storage Center near you by clicking here. These products can also be order online here.


Brenda said...

What a blessing those home storage centers must be to members and non members alike. Here in Australia we do not have these and must source everything ourselves - not an easy feat I can tell you. Anyone that lives near one of these Centers and doesn't utilise them needs their heads examined! You don't know how lucky you are. Talk about having food storage handed to you on a platter!

Wendy said...

Thanks for a good reminder, Brenda!