Earthquake Preparedness Week

It's Earthquake Preparedness Week here in Utah. And it's a great time to evaluate your earthquake preparedness even if you don't live in Utah. Experts have stated that California, Arizona and/or Mexico might experience a 6.0 magnitude aftershock1 (following yesterday's 7.2 earthquake) in the next few days. So, if you live in these areas, it might pay off to review any emergency plans with your family. You might also feel motivated to update any emergency kits that you have stored.

The State of Utah has prepared a website with many preparedness tidbits. Here are a few highlights from that site that I wanted to share:

*Be Ready Utah (the main website)
*Kids Activity Book (This could be a great workbook for Family Home Evenings or teaching preparedness. The activities are geared primarily for ages 8 to about 13.)
*Tips for Preparing Children (has a section about infants and another about younger children)
*Organizing Your Neighborhood (has some great ideas for wards and/or neighborhoods helping one another)

1 - NECN


K....mom said...

this was good timing for me. I had one yesterday to the south of me in Cali and one today to the north of me in Alaska. I'm a little nervous and planning how I'm going to protect my canned goods and my empty jars.

tuxgirl said...

Thank you! Like K, I also saw that there were some to our south and to our north (I'm in the Seattle area), and I was feeling rather concerned. I have a 4-month old right now, and was trying to figure out what I can do to keep her safe in case of an earthquake, and your link was just what I needed.

Wendy said...

You're welcome! Thanks for your comments.