Wheat Grinder Owner's Manuals

You know that you should always read your owner's manuals, right? Well, so do I - but I don't always. I didn't read my owner's manual for my wheat grinder. If you had asked me 20 minutes ago, I would have told you that I knew how to use my grinder without any hesitation. Today, I found out that I was wrong.

Earlier this week, Crystal at Everyday Food Storage posted a video showing how to correctly use a Blendtec Wheat Grinder. I was drawn to watch because it was the same wheat grinder that I use. And guess what? I haven't been using it correctly. Like Crystal, I thought that the cup that came with was just measuring cup. It turns out it has a functional purpose.

So, I encourage you to read the manual for your electric grinder. You might discover some information that you've been missing.

Don't know where to find the manual? Here is a list of several online sources:
*K-Tec/BlendTec Mill - Crystal's Video;
*Wonder Mill - PDF; Video
*Nutrimill - PDF; Video
*L'Equip Vitalmill - PDF


Sneaux said...

LOL I'm awful at reading directions for anything! I just look at it and figure it out. I'm sure the learning curve would be much shorter if I took the 10 minutes to actually look at the manual. :)

Wendy said...

Obviously I am the same. It's moments like this, however, that might get me to read my manuals.