Many Ways to Approach a Three-Month Supply

“The first step is to begin.
The second is to continue.
It doesn’t matter how fast we get there so much as that we begin and continue according to our abilities.”

Obviously there isn't just one way to plan a three-month supply. Here are several different methods. Choose the method that works best for you (or make up your own) and begin!

Use a three-month calendar. Plan three months at one time.
Use a one-month calendar. Repeat three times.
Use the one-week worksheet, but use it to create two different menus. Alternate.
Purchase one extra meal or one day's menu each week when you go shopping.
Buy double of everything when you go shopping.

Here are some planning forms that might help you:
*Gathering Your Three-Month Supply (one week at a time worksheet) - by iPrepared
*3 Month Food Supply Excel Worksheet - by Food Storage Made Easy
*3 month food supply plan with printable forms - also by Food Storage Made Easy

How have you planned for a three-month supply?

1 comment:

Vickie said...

I'm not organized for any of those things, but I know what food I use on a regular basis and try to buy double or stock up on it when it's on sale - canned fruit, tomatoes, chili, beans and lots of grains (pasta, flour, rice, and a bit of oatmeal)!