Home Storage for Singles and Newlyweds

Think home storage is just for families? If so, you might want to check out these articles full of preparedness tips for singles and newlyweds:

Two Cans of Corn: Home Storage for Newlyweds

By starting small, wisely using storage space, saving money, and gradually increasing their efforts, newly married couples can experience the blessings of peace and security that come from home storage.

Being Independent, Being Prepared

How some young adults are applying principles of preparedness to their busy, mobile lives.


Badvoodoo said...

I think that for Newly Weds that giving the gift of food storage is a great idea. You know they will always have several toasters and mixers as gifts. But giving them food storage stuff is really a life saving gift if things go bad. The new toaster wont help them then.

Wendy said...

Good idea. It would be easy to give a water storage container. Someone gave a food storage "starter" kit to my brother and his wife early in their marriage. It is available here: http://store.lds.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category3_10705_10551_21158_-1_N_image_0

Michele said...

I'm doing a blog on single parents & preparedness. Everyone needs to prepare! It gives special insight for single parents, but also shows that if a single mom can get prepared, anyone can!

Julie said...

Hi, do you also have any food storage tips and ideas for singles who live on their own?

I can often find tips for single parents & couples but hardly any for singles on their own.

Thank you from the UK:)

Wendy said...


Typically storage space is the biggest issue when storing for singles. If you don't have space, then you'll have to get creative. Here is a link to ideas for fitting storage in any housing situation: http://iprepared.blogspot.com/2009/01/ive-run-out-of-room.html Obviously, you'll adjust amounts needed to be for just one person which will use even less space.

Julie said...

I'm actually very blessed to have quite a lot of room for food storage.

When we had the kitchen re-done a few years ago my Dad built a cupboard for my own food, which I now use for my food storage.

Wendy said...

Julie - Glad you have space! Now you can fill it up. :o)