Political Unrest & Traveling

Praying: Minnesota native Pastor Peter Johnson and his family are
among the thousands of Americans currently waiting at Cairo airport
 for a flight out as Egyptians took to the street . . .

There are many reasons why becoming self-reliant and prepared are good ideas. In just the past two years, we've seen hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, job loss, underemployment, inflation, etc. In each case, those who have been prepared have been able to take care of their families and then reach out to others in need. 

The news headlines of the past few days have showed another instance where preparedness is a huge blessing. Egypt is reporting that food staples are running out in Cairo. Stores are closed and boarded up for protection. Shipments aren't making it into the city.  Gas is not available and banks are closed.  Cell phones and internet connections have been turned off.  "The street demonstrations have made family members unwilling or unable to shop for food items."  (CNN2)  The political unrest is spreading in the region and governments aren't even functioning, let alone helping.  I'm sure that being prepared wouldn't completely alleviate an Egyptian citizen's feelings of concern.  But knowing that you had a food supply and could feed your family would allow you to concentrate on other issues. 

I also want to note that it's important to be aware of preparedness even when you are traveling.  There are many travelers stuck in Egypt in these conditions.  I was in Beijing during the height of the Tienanmen Square demonstrations in 1989.  When planning our trip, we had no idea that it would coincide with the political unrest in the area.  Much of the city was shut down while we were there.  We did fine and never went without food, but the potential was there for us to encounter problems similar to those in Egypt.  These are dramatic events.  Sometimes, though, a situation as simple as a snow storm can ground you and put you in tenuous circumstances while traveling. 

It's impossible to transport many preparedness items as you travel - especially if you are flying.  But as you are able, make a habit of assessing your situation and stocking up as much as is reasonable - wherever you are.  If you are on an extended business trip, make a quick trip to a convenience store and grab a few extra boxes of granola bars and bottles of water.  You may end up never using them and instead giving them away before you leave, but it would give you a bit of a back up.  And though it seems obvious, make a habit of watching the news and find out the weather, politics, etc. before you travel.  You can anticipate possible situations better and be prepared because of your knowledge. 

1 - Food staples starting to run out in Egypt - By Salma Abdelaziz, CNN
4 - Photo (Getty Images)


BadVooDooDaddy said...

Very good post, it a great reminder that you never know what you might encounter when traveling abroad. Preparedness is something that you should always be aware of no matter where you are. Like yo said you could be visiting a friend in another state and end up getting snowed in and need those prep's. Keep up the good work.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your comment!