No Water

Tonight, our water has been turned off.  Our city is doing some sort of maintenance on the system and we were notified via notes on our door yesterday that it would be off from 8:00 p.m. tonight until early tomorrow morning. 

In anticipation of not having access to water, we tried to think of all the ways that we use water each evening.  My son showered early.  We filled multiple water pitchers providing water for brushing teeth and drinking.  We also filled each tub half-way full, thinking it would give us water for washing hands and flushing toilets.  We have water stored, but I'd rather not use it for this occasion. 

What we didn't anticipate was needing water to wash the dishes and wipe the counters.  We scrambled during the last few minutes of water pressure after we realized that we still needed to wash our faces and take care of these other things.

It's amazing how much water we use!  I can't imagine being without water and all the conveniences that it provides.  It's just another good reminder to make sure you store as much water as possible.


millenniumfly said...

Next time you might consider having a stash of paper plates, cups, and utensils to use for just such an occasion. If you don't know already, you might also learn how to use the 3-step method to clean pots and pans (rinse, wash, sanitize) so long as you also have a bit of chlorine.

Wendy said...

Good suggestions millenniumfly!

We do have a stash of paper goods and could have handwashed the dishes. I was glad to have the water back on the next morning to let the dishwasher do the job. :o)