Peanut Butter

Well, it looks like peanut butter prices are headed upwards because of a smaller-than-usual crop this year.  As I shopped this week, I was still able to find peanut butter for around $.10 an ounce - which is a pretty ordinary price.  If you include peanut butter as part of your three-month supply, you might want to inventory your supplies and stock away a few extra now before the prices rise.  Peanut butter is one product, though, that you don't want to get too much of.  Because oil is a significant component, the peanut butter will go rancid just like oil.  From my experience, it will store well for 9 months to 1 year depending upon it's manufacture date and storage condition.  It is best stored in a dark, cool area.

For more information:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-peanut-butter-prices-skyrocketing-20111101,0,1645306.story


millenniumfly said...

There are alternatives to peanut butter such as almond butter, although I'm fairly certainly almond butter would still be more expensive than most peanut butters. Another alternative would be to learn to make your own peanut butter in small batches.

Wendy said...

Yes. Almond butter is usually double the price of peanut butter in our area.

By the way, I shopped two stores this morning. Maceys had already doubled their peanut butter prices. Winco had some on sale for $2.98 for 28 ounces ($1 per 10 ouncs) which is a good, reasonable price. Our Costco is out of all peanut butter except for Adams Natural. Walmart still had some last Thursday for a good price of about $.12 an ounce.

The peanut butter at Winco had an expiration date of 04-2013 which is a good, long shelf life of about 18 months. I'm already wishing I would have picked up more than the 6 containers I bought.

Jill said...

I am glad I saw and heard many warnings about the PB price jumping. With two 13 year old boys we go through a lot!

From my experience, I can use the PB up to the expiration date with only a few getting a little oil on top, but the taste fine. (I always keep 40 lbs in the cool storage room). I use Jiff and sometimes a Kroger or other store brand. My Jiff from Sam's club last week had expiration of september 2013. Also one other tidbit a neighbor shared (though haven't tried it myself) is to freeze PB. She claims it doesn't change texture but can last LONG time.

Wendy said...

Thanks Jill!

I've never tried freezing peanut butter. It's worth a try. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.