72 hour kits

Did you know that the (general) leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have never specifically told us to have 72 hour kits? If you have evidence to prove me wrong, I'd love to know about it! In preparation for a local Enrichment Meeting, I poured over the words of the prophets, trying to find a single quote suggesting that we need these kits. I couldn't find a single one. I found "Random Sampler" tidbits in the Ensign. I found direction from local leadership asking us to prepare 72 hour kits. I found a story or two told by the General Authorities that referenced 72 hour kits, but I couldn't find anything more specific than that.

In fact, I found it interesting to read this in the provident living FAQ:

"What about 72-hour kits?
Church members are encouraged to prepare for adversity by building a basic supply of food, water, money, and, over time, longer-term supply items. Beyond this, Church members may choose to store additional items that could be of use during times of distress."

Don't get me wrong. Clearly 72 hour kits are beneficial. But this quote above seems to suggest that family home storage is the first priority. Of course, your local leadership may give you specific counsel regarding 72 hour kits. If that is the case, then these kits do become a priority again.


Anonymous said...

Many missionaries have been asked to prepare 72 hour kits, so at least in that respect it is part of the Church program.

Wendy said...

Interesting. I didn't know that.

Thanks for your comment.