three-month supply

Of the four basic points found in the "All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage Pamphlet," the first one, the three-month supply, is the hardest for me. Like the pamphlet suggests, I buy some extra each time I shop. It has been difficult, though, to track the food amounts and determine the quantities that I should have on hand. I think I have enough -- but then I'm never completely sure. Please share any suggestions that you have!

I did notice that some of my longer-term supply could be rotated into my three-month supply. I do that and it helps pad that category a little bit.

One strategy that helps maintain the inventory of my three-month supply is that I "shop" from my pantry rather than from the store. Does that sound crazy? It's not -- and it's the reason that my neighbors are always borrowing food from ME (I really don't mind). When food supplies, that I regularly buy, go on sale, I usually stock up. Which means, when I cook on a whim, I almost always have what I need on hand. There are exceptions to this, of course. Sometimes I think I have something, count on it, only to be disappointed that I've already used up my supply. Most often, though, there are five or six cans or boxes of what I need already on my shelf -- and I bought them on sale! If I'm really good (which is sometimes), I don't ever buy these supplies for full price. All it requires is a little forethought and a little bit of storage space. And voila! I have a good chunk of my three-month supply already.

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