safely gathered in

This past week I stumbled across a great preparedness blog. Safely Gathered In is written by Hannah and Abs. They feature detailed food storage recipes with many instructional pictures which are helpful for anyone at any ability level. They have a lot of good food storage information and ideas for rotation. They also have ongoing goals. For example, right now they are working on 72-hour kits, specifically adding a shovel to your kits.

The blog has a nice warm feel to it. I felt like their links and lists were well organized and made sense. Today on the blog, Hannah shows pictures of the Aqua-Tainer water storage containers, which are apparently available at Walmart for around $8. Don't worry, they aren't trying to sell anything, which in my opinion, makes the blog even better.

Here is the link: http://safelygatheredin.blogspot.com/

Want to share a great preparedness blog? Send me a link and I'll check it out. Featured blogs need to have a specific home storage or preparedness emphasis. I try to stay away from any blogs that promote or sell items/services for which the blog owners make a profit.

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