water storage budget

How much should I budget for water storage?

Well that depends on the size of your family and which containers you choose to store. If supplies are not readily available and you have a low budget amount if might take awhile to acquire containers. With a $20 monthly storage budget, it could take as long as 5 months to save enough money to ship a 55-gallon bucket (which would almost be the minimum water for a family of four). In the meanwhile, it is relatively inexpensive to save, clean and refill pop bottles (approximately 28 bottles per person for a minimum of 14 gallons).

Here are some price examples:

5 gallon
$15 emergency essentials
$13 walton feed
$4 maceys
$30 walmart (4 gallon)

7 gallon
$8 - $11 @ walmart

55 gallon barrel
$39 maceys (these are rumored to still be this price, but I haven't verified)
$60 walton feed
$85 emergency essentials


Becca said...

I was doing a little research for a water storage lesson for Relief Society and your information is great. I do want to note that the 7 gallon containers from Walmart cost $10.88 for me locally and are found in the camping section. Of course, I am in Kansas, so places where preparedness is more popular (hurricane zones, etc) the price is probably lower.

Wendy said...

Becca - Thank you very much for letting us know the price in your area!