three-month supply goal

Have you completed your breakfast and lunch menus yet? Have you purchased the items on your shopping lists? [Let me know by responding to the poll on the right.] I have finished my breakfast menu shopping, but haven't finished acquiring items for my lunch menu. I'm about 60% done.

December is typically a busy and expensive month. So, in order to not move forward too quickly, and also to not add stress to the holidays, let's just keep working on buying food for our breakfast and lunch menus. Now is a great time to buy any baking items that you've planned for these menus. Muffin mixes, pancake mixes, flour, sugar and many other basic supplies are on sale right now.

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Wendy said...

For any readers that have access to Associated Food stores, Western Family 32 oz. brown sugar and powdered sugar are on sale this week for $.88. That is a great stock-up price!

-Wendy (iprepared.blogspot.com)