setting home-storage priorities

I noticed in the article, New Year, New Progress, that I posted last week, that under longer-term supply it states,

"If you have succeeded in gathering a three-month supply, increase your home storage to meet longer-term needs based on your individual circumstances."

This is not the first time that I've read something from the church that suggests that the three-month supply, drinking water, and financial reserve take priority over longer-term storage. At providentliving.org, under the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), it states the following,

"Where do I start? -- Start by adding a few storable items that you typically eat, storing some water that is safe to drink, and saving some money, if only a few coins each week. Then over time, expand these initial efforts—as individual circumstances allow and where permitted—by storing a longer-term supply of basics such as grains, beans, and other staples."
And another quote from the FAQ page:

"Church members are encouraged to prepare for adversity by building a basic supply of food, water, money, and, over time, longer-term supply items."

Longer-term storage is an important component of the Church's program. I'm not suggesting that it be ignored or down-played. However, if you are just starting out, these quotes make it pretty clear to begin with the other three categories of home storage (three-month supply, drinking water, and a financial reserve). If you are a beginner, I would make those three categories your priority. You can worry about storing grains and beans once you get these other other three categories well on their way and you're ready to move on to your longer-term supply.

You may notice that I often discuss advanced/expert home-storage topics, and at some point I'll set up some blog goals that deal with gathering a long-term supply. Please don't feel overwhelmed or confused by these posts. My primary objective in writing this blog is to help you get started. But each of us is at a different place in the journey. Hopefully the posts here can help you regardless of where you are in your home storage.

This is also from the FAQs at Provident Living:

Get started! If you have already begun, faithfully continue your efforts. As President Hinckley taught: “We can begin ever so modestly. We can begin with one week’s food supply and gradually build it to a month and then to three months. I am speaking now of food to cover basic needs. As all of you recognize, this counsel is not new. But I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all. Begin in a small way, my brethren, and gradually build toward a reasonable objective” (In Conference Report, Oct. 2002, 65; or Ensign, Nov. 2002, 58).

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