Happy New Year!

Are you making goals for the new year? If so, I would highly recommend setting a home storage goal for this coming year. Obviously, your goals need to be personalized to your own circumstances and finances, but here are some possibilities:

For the Beginner:
*Save $10 each month towards home storage purchases.
*Save $10 each month towards a financial reserve.
*Complete your water storage (28 days per person).
*Complete your three-month supply.

For the Intermediate:
*Set aside larger amounts for home storage and financial reserves.
*Add monies to your financial reserve in order to have three months' worth.
*Store nine months worth of grains and/or beans for your longer-term supply.
*Rotate your water supply.

For the Expert:
*Inventory and replace items in your three-month, water, financial, and longer-term supply.
*Expand your longer-term supply to include nine months of powdered milk, salt, oil, and/or sugar.
*Expand your financial reserve beyond three months' worth.
*Expand your preparedness supplies to include emergency kits as would be appropriate for your area and circumstances.

As I indicated earlier, this post was written before the Church scooped me. :o) If you want some other ideas for goals, click here to read the suggestions found in this month's Ensign.

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