goal 2(i) - three-month supply

Our current goal is gathering our Three-Month Supply.

Making a shopping list for your lunch menu.

Copy your menu/shopping list and start shopping.

Congratulations! Even if you don't have your shopping done -- or even started, you now have a three-month supply menu and shopping list. In my opinion, making these lists is the hardest part of the process. Make several copies and keep one in your purse, diaper bag and/or car. Start watching for sales, set aside a little money to use on food storage, and buy a few cans at a time when you can. Eventually, and probably before you even know it, you'll have your three-month supply!


Christy said...

I really like how you've broken everything down. I'm still working on keeping track of what I eat for a month, but I also have close to a 3 month supply already, it just isn't very organized. I want to do your process to see what I need more of.

Prudent Homemaker said...

For three months of lunches, make sure to include things you would need to have if you don't have fresh things. For instance, what fruits and vegetables do you have to replace fresh ones? What can you send your children with to school, and what would you eat if everyone was home for lunch? These things may change your menus and what you would need.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I've personally planned my menus thinking that all members of my family would be here (or brown bagging) for every meal. I've also planned for fresh garden fruits and vegetables (when in season) and preserved fruits and vegetables (between gardening seasons). These are good things for everyone to think about.