goal 2(g) - three-month supply

Are you ready to get started again?

Our current goal is gathering our Three-Month Supply.

Shop for items on your breakfast & lunch menu.

Create a dinner menu.

[Determine which meals you regularly have for dinner. Decide which meals are compatible with a storage plan. Include any accompanying foods. Write down your menu.]

Here is my dinner menu:
A. Chili
B. Black beans & rice
C. Burritos
D. Soup (wild rice, taco)
E. Chicken Alfredo

Accompanying Foods:
Green Beans/Canned Corn
Canned Peaches/Applesauce

Creating my dinner menu has been more difficult than my other two menus. I'd like a lot of variety in the meals for my three-month storage, but also want to be realistic in choosing items that we already eat and that also store well. My dinner meals are definitely bean-heavy, but I didn't use any beans in my lunch menu.

If you still haven't finished shopping for your breakfast and lunch menus, don't worry. Make your dinner menu and, in a few days, your dinner shopping list -- and then you'll be set to gather items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can then purchase items a few at a time, when they are on sale, or as your finances permit.

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