the price of grains

If you are just beginning to purchase grains for your longer-term storage, you might not have a sense of what makes for a good price. Here are some baseline *good* prices for some basic grains to use as a comparison:

*41 lb bags of popcorn - $31.90 (Walton Feed - needs to be repacked)

*25 lbs - $9.80 (LDS Home Storage Centers - needs to be repacked)
*#10, 2.6/2.7 quick/regular can of oats - $2.55/$2.60 (through LDS Home Storage Centers)

*#10, 3.5 lb can of macaroni - $4.00 (LDS Home Storage Centers)

There was a run on rice recently which drove the prices up. The prices seem to be dropping right now.
*50 lb bags of long-grain rice - 23.99 (at Costco -- needs to be repacked)
*25 lb bag of white rice - $11.35 (LDS Home Storage Centers - needs to be repacked)
*#10, 5.7 lbs of white rice - $4.10 (LDS Home Storage Centers)

*45 lbs buckets of prepacked clean wheat - $16.99 (I found this price two years ago through Lehi Roller Mills. The price skyrocketed up to as much as $28 per bucket, but has since dropped down to $18.99 - which is what I recently saw at our Associated Foods store).
*25 lbs of clean, double bagged wheat - $8 to $10 (doesn't have to be repacked).
*25 lbs of clean wheat - $8 (needs to be repacked)
*#10, 5 lb. can of wheat - $3 (through LDS Home Storage Centers)

You will probably find that the *good* prices for your area vary considerably. It pays to become familiar with the availability and cost of these grains. Then you will be better equipped to maximize your dollar when purchasing grains for your longer-term storage.


The Prudent Homemaker said...

Sam's Club sells 50 lb bags of popcorn (which can be ground, or just popped!) for about $17. Almost the entire bag will fit into a 6 gallon food-grade bucket. We keep ours in there with a gamma lid on top, and keep a smaller amount in a canning jar with a lid for taking into the kitchen to pop.

Wendy said...

Good to know! Thanks for the information.