storing grains

This is just a quick reminder that our current goal is storing grains for your longer-term storage. Oats, corn, wheat, white rice, and pasta are all great choices for extra long storage shelf-lives. Store them in PETE bottles, #10 cans, buckets (if you live in a dry climate), or foil pouches in a cool, dry, dark area. Click here to see suggested amounts of grain storage.

I'm including a poll at iPrepared today. Let me know how you are doing.

Look for upcoming posts on corn, rice, oats, pasta, and grinders.


Give LDS Gifts said...

I called our Wal-Mart bakery and was able to get food grade buckets and lids for FREE! I had read that tip somewhere and it worked great. No need to pay for buckets, yeah! Just thought I'd pass on the tip. There are a lot of grocery stores with bakeries too. I have used them for my wheat and beans. I am just starting so I haven't used the dry ice to seal any yet, but expect them to work just fine.

Wendy said...

That's great! Thanks for the tip.