one year

Today is the one year anniversary of iPrepared!

We've almost completed a full circle by discussing the three-month supply, water storage, financial reserve and longer-term storage.

I'm always planning ahead and am looking forward to another year of posts. I'd like to discuss topics that address the questions, concerns, and confusions you have. Would you be willing to comment on this post by responding to the following questions?

1) What home-storage topics would you like to learn more about?
2) What questions do you have about home storage?
3) Which past posts have been the most helpful?

Thanks! And thanks for all of your insights and comments along the way!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I like to see what you're doing because it inspires me.

One useful thing is where to buy food storage items, but I know that's hard to write about outside of a local setting.

Jeannetta said...

Happy Anniversary :)

K P said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wendy said...

Thanks for your well wishes and idea!

Marie said...

Happy Anniversary!! I have particularly enjoyed learning about storage items (such as the grains) that I hadn't been familiar with, because you write very thorough posts. What I enjoy wherever I can find them (and I'm grateful for the ones you have already provided)are recipes for using food storage. Again, happy anniversary, and I'm looking forward to reading more!

amie said...


Carolyn said...

Happy Anniversary. I just found you and happy that I did. Keep up the good work!

Wendy said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments! I'm glad you're here.