a one-year supply?

Do you still think of home storage in terms of a one-year supply? After decades of using the term "one-year supply," you might be surprised to know that "one-year supply" is no longer mentioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the instructions for home storage - not even once. It's been 2 1/2 years now3 since the new program was introduced. It seems to be taking some time to think about home storage in a new way.2 It is definitely a paradigm shift that might take some getting used to.

Having a one-year supply is not a bad thing. In fact, if you already have a one-year supply, you can be pretty confident that you are fairly well prepared. You can still set a *personal* goal to achieve a one-year supply. You can do this by completing a three-month supply and then choosing a *personal* goal to have 9 months of a longer-term supply. However, you can also be obedient to the counsel of the prophet without having a one-year supply. The First Presidency said, "We encourage you to store as much as your circumstances allow." It is up to you to determine an appropriate amount of longer-term storage for your family.

There is a lot of peace that comes from knowing you've been obedient. And with the changes in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's home storage program, it is easier than ever! Instead of emphasizing a one-year supply as they have in the past, now the church emphasizes four aspects of home storage:

1) Three-month supply
2) Water storage
3) Financial reserve
4) Longer-term supply

Home storage is no longer just about powdered milk and wheat. Part of your storage should be a three-month supply of foods that you regularly eat. A three-month supply provides an important aspect of preparation and shouldn't be neglected. In fact, several quotes from the church indicate that we should worry first about our three-month supply, a water supply and a financial reserve before we worry about having a longer term supply.

So, be willing to let go of the "one-year supply" objective and instead think in terms of the new revelation which teaches 1) three month supply, 2) water supply, 3) financial reserve, and then 4) longer-term supply.

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