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Sorry about the multiple posts teasing this topic. We've continued to be sick and busy.

Recently I read stories from several individuals who lived off their food storage either out of necessity or as experiments. The surprise? They all felt like their food storage was very bland. They missed things like ketchup and spices. They also missed fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and butter.

It's worth a little time to consider how you can add these items to your home storage. Eggs and butter are difficult and expensive to store. They also require fairly regular rotation. But ketchup, sauces and spices are all easy to store with some-what lengthy shelf lives. A garden can help you supply your home storage with those fresh fruits and veggies.

Here are two links with personal experiences:

Has anyone had to live off their preparedness supplies? (Pinching Your Pennies, various authors, February 2009)

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Anonymous said...

You can buy dehydrated egg powder and butter or margarine powder for your food storage. They work really well, especially when baking.