Once again, we've been sick with the stomach flu. And once again, we were glad for our food storage. The lessons that I learned during the first round of sickness paid off. We had chicken noodle soup, crackers and soda on hand. We even had enough for our guests who were also sick.

We did make a trip to the store for some over-the-counter medicines over the weekend. I actually had just cleaned out my medicine bin and discarded quite a bit of expired medication - and consequently had not replaced some things. I need to remember to rotate and replace those medications more regularly so as to not be caught without them.

I was also diagnosed with pneumonia three weeks ago and it's taken quite a while to bounce back. I was quarantined for about a week. For treating the pneumonia, I was glad to have a working humidifier as well as bleach and vinegar to clean it with.

I needed to wear a mask in order to protect others around me while I was contagious. I discovered that I'm not a fan of the more-firm n-95 masks that I stored. They were quite uncomfortable and not very adaptable. I ended up choosing to use the surgical-style masks that I was given at the doctor's offices. So, I'll be looking to add some of those to our storage once I'm fully recovered.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you've avoided all the sickness that seems to be circulating.

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Tess Pennington said...

I'm sorry to hear about your illness. Last year, I was constantly sick with flus and viruses even though I ate right and took my multi vitamin everyday. I finally did some research and found that I wasn't getting enough Vitamin D. I have been taking Vitamin D for the last four months, and have only gotten a few slight colds. It really works. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

By the way, here is an article on Vitamin D:



Tess Pennington