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Everyday Food Storage
Food Storage. Alright, Let's Begin.
Food Storage and Preservation (Filling Your Ark)
Food Storage - A Necessary Adventure
Food Storage and Survival
Food Storage Made Easy
Food Storage Plus
Journey to Preparedness
My Food Storage Deals

My Square Foot Garden
Pleasant Grove, Utah Stake - Emergency Prep
Prepared LDS Family
Preparedness Brings Peace
Preparedness Matters
Preparedness Pro
Safely Gathered In
Sisters Always Simplifying
Survivor's Fortress
Totally Ready
Utah Preppers
These links are intended to be sites that discuss home food storage and general preparedness. If I've missed your blog please let me know. Two requests: Please only recommend active blogs (i.e. published posts in the past month). Also, I would prefer to not list business sites unless there is an active blog separate from the product sales. I will delete business listings from the comments.

Inclusion on this list is not intended to be an endorsement by iPrepared. There are many sensibilities when it comes to home-storage, self-reliance and preparedness and these blogs span the divide. You may find an approach that motivates you or provides information to help you in your quest for preparedness. Disclaimer - you may also find inaccurate information on these blogs. It is always wise to find multiple, valid sources to verify information.


wade said...

Utah Preppers: utahpreppers.com

Wendy said...

Thanks Wade - I don't know how I missed that one.

Debbie said...

This is a good one.

thegirlwiththeplan said...

I am just starting out- but I follow your blog.

Wendy said...

I added preparednesspro and readysetplan. Thanks to you both!

Anonymous said...

The Survival Summary at http://survivalsummary.wordpress.com

wolfe said...

Ohhhhhhhh, more to add to www.survivaltimes.info :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is www.momzoo.blogspot.com
She has some awesome ideas there on how she is becomming a more self reliant homestead!

Justus said...

Here's another: http://AdvancedSurvivalGuide.com

Faye Food Storage said...

Thanks for the list of blog links regarding food storage matters. It is nice to be able to read other viewpoints and techniques in order to better plan emergency responses. The information is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy said...

Our blog has information about preparedness including food, gardening and medical, www.doomandBloom.net.
We also have a podcast for preparedness folks. Thanks! Nurse Amy

Diana @ GroceryCents said...

My blog is a preparedness one. Thanks!