Preparedness Sales (January 2010 - Intermountain West)

For those of you with a Maceys close by, they are having a "case lot sale" this week. Smiths also has a few items listed as a case lot sale. These sales are good opportunities to stock up on both your three-month supply and longer-term supply.

Some well-priced items that I noticed:

*Powdered Milk: #10 Country Cream (white or chocolate) - $8.88 (This is the best price I've seen for a very long time - stock up if you like this brand!)
*Sugar: 25 lb bag, Western Family - $9.68 (This is an okay price, but is good given that sugar prices are on the rise)
*Sugar, powdered and brown: 2 lb bags, Western Family - $.98 (I sometimes see this price drop to $.89)
*Beans: 15 oz. cans, Western Family - $.48
*Eggs, powdered: #10 Morning Moo - $14.78

Both the flour and white rice are cheaper at Costco right now.

Here are two past posts to help in price comparisons:
The Price of Grains and Home Storage Best Prices

Did you find any great deals?


Anonymous said...

I marvel at your prices in the States, and how you complain about the price of groceries. You should live in Canada and pay what we have to here. The best price I can find on chicken breasts is $1.99 a lb on SALE. The regular price is around $4.00. Our other prices are high to, you should consider yourselves very lucky.

Wendy said...

I wish lower prices on all of you throughout the world. I also wish we could send our sales and home-storage product availability your way.

jenheadjen said...

Thanks for sharing Wendy! I always appreciate a heads up! I hear the Dough Enhancer is on sale there too - down to $3.50ish from $5.99 - but have yet to verify. Thanks again!