Home-Storage-Price Dilema

Well, I've had two large storage buckets sitting empty for more than a month now. Typically, when I empty a bucket, I add that item to my grocery list and refill it as quickly as possible. However, when I visited Costco with that intention, I discovered higher prices on both the flour and rice than I remembered. I found myself conflicted with replacing the storage as quickly as I could and trying to find a good price.

In the end, I didn't make the purchase. I know that some of these items are likely to go on sale at our local grocery store in the near future. A "case-lot" sale is scheduled for April and flour and rice prices are typically lowered. But every time I pass those empty buckets, I find myself wondering if I should have just purchased the food stores. Knowing that those buckets sit empty reduces my feeling of preparedness - well, two-buckets-worth.

Was it worth waiting? I'm not sure.


Kristine said...

I have the same concerns. I try to have about a 3-6 month supply of my short term storage so it doesn't fall under 3 months worth while I am trying to get a bargain. That buffer gives me some peace of mind. I have two buckets of some items so that I can replenish one while using the other. Other items that I need in smaller quantities I keep in "ziplock" type mylar bucket bags that I ordered online from Walton Feed. I can fill two of them half way and put both in a large bucket. That way I can refill one while the other is being used. If I simply "top off" the bucket with rice, for example, then the rice at the bottom doesn't get rotated. Hope that helps. I love your blog!!

Wendy said...

Good ideas, Kristine. Thanks for your comment.

Julene said...

I had this same problem with rice. I was down to my last cup and had an empty bucket. I know the caselot sales are coming in April but Costco's price of $15.xx for 50lbs was a good price. Smiths hasn't been below $9.99. So I got some the other day and if it is a great price in April I will get more. But I will wait for a great price even if we are out.I think by following the Prophet's counsel we are blessed and as long as we are working at our storage things will work out. Things seem to go on sale just when I need them.