Powdered Milk Taste-Test

I love this post by Angela at Adventures in Self-Reliance. She got samples of most of the major powdered milk brands, conducted a taste test, and posted her results. She has some great information.

As you can see from her ratings, personal preference varied widely (with a few brands more broadly liked or disliked). As her tasters sampled one of the brands of milk, they were surprised to find out that they didn't like it. Angela writes, "I had some folks about cry when they found out how bad it tasted because that was the only kind they had stored."

Once again, this shows the importance of tasting the powdered milk that you store!


Vickie said...

Thanks for sharing that. It makes me want to have a taste test of my own.

Julene said...

Although many don't like the taste of cannery milk, it is great for cooking. I make yogurt from it and it is the best homemade yogurt that I have made. I think on cereal it works too. My kids would gladly give up milk (except fot the 2yo) and would get their calcium from other sources. It was a great review.

LAURA said...

I ended up going with country cream after reading various reviews. Haven't had a chance to try it yet though.

Jennifer! said...

I just recently bought some Similac Grow & Go (for older babies), but haven't tested it yet. It's slightly cheaper than regular formula, and supposed to be somewhat more nutritionally complete than milk. I had read back-packers often carry infant formula for emergencies (Similac also has individual packs that mix with 4 oz of water). Anyone tried it?

Some time ago I, too, tried cooking (pancakes) with powdered milk (SaCo, maybe?) and it was no different than fresh milk. The "just add water" shake and pour pancake mixes are convenient, but expensive and not as tasty as home made or a good multi-tasking baking mix.

I'm really enjoying your blog, Wendy! [Maybe I should stop using the "Anonymous" ID. :)]

Wendy said...

I personally don't find any difference when using powdered milk in baking either, Jennifer. Good idea in storing formula. I'm interested to know more about backpackers carrying it.

Julie said...

I don't like powdered milk very much but I don't mind long-life (Uht) & tinned carnation.

When Carnation is mixed with water it takes just like full-fat milk.

I think tho if I had to drink long-life milk I'd probably add Nesquik to it to make it a bit more tastey:)

Wendy said...

Julie - Shelf-stable milk is a great idea!